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The primary role of the compliance function is to assist top management,management and staff members in discharging their responsibility to comply with applicable regulatory requirements through the provision of compliance risk management services. A compliance function plays a valuable role in the implementation of a compliance risk management.
This includes the identification, assessment,management,monitoring and reporting of compliance risks that are faced by an organization.

Our services include:
  • Developing: policies, procedures, and controls to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Legal Services: Legal consulting opinion work where research is required on a time cost basis.
  • Monitoring Programs: comprehensive system of controls to ensure that risks are reduced Risk Management System which assist the key individual/ provider to report on how the provider deals with  risk management.
  • Risk Management System: A system to that they can reasonably be expected to eliminate the risk. Crux Compass is an internal risk system which assists in the identification of risk areas as defined in the FSP’s risk universe.

Our Professional Team

Waldy Barske

Waldy Barske

Senior Compliance Officer and Legal Consultant


Justin Joannides

Managing Director & Senior Compliance Officer


Louise Pardy

Compliance Alliance Associate in KZN



Compliance Alliance Associate in Cape Town



Compliance Associate in Mpumulanga



Junior Compliance Officer



Compliance Alliance Associate in Southern Gauteng



Compliance Alliance Associate in KZN

Our Services

Independent Compliance Practitioners
Legal Services
Business Administration Services
Risk Management Services

Crux Compliance Practioners (Pty) Ltd is owned by Mr.Waldemar Barske and Mr.Mr. Justin Joannides who joined the group in 2011 as a partner of the business to ensure there is succession planning both as a shareholder, director and a business partner Mr WC Barske LLB,Dip Tax,CFP–Waldy is an admitted attorney who has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry,which includes financial planning,wealth management and compliance officer Mr JB Joannides CPrac (SA) – Justin has been approved compliance officer with the financial services board since 2011, he previously held senior management positions within industry and has over 15 years experience in financial services which include operations, client service and distribution.
Compliance Alliance is a collaborative partnership between approved compliance practices of which Crux Consulting is one of the founding partners. The main aim of this partnership is to achieve economiesof business scale where compliance practices retain their brands and independence
whilst sharing in a common collective. It furthermore enhances a compliance practices continuity whilst affording the compliance alliance expansion into wider geographical areas with representation.